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At Byways we are committed to integrating and driving positive change.
As new sustainable processes are developed, it is our goal to be at the forefront in providing these to you through the sustainable production we offer.

Recycled Ribbon
We use recycled yarn made from 100% post consumer waste PET bottles.
Control begins from the collection of the bottle through to the finished woven ribbon.
This transparent process, from bottle to ribbon, is audited and certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Global Recycled Standard

Sustainable Paper
Recycled paper and board are very popular now and more environmentally friendly than producing new paper from trees.
Widely available across the world, even at competitive prices, so you can be eco-friendly without costing the earth!
Recycling paper and board to make new paper products uses far less energy than making paper from trees and helps to stop wildlife losing their homes.

Vegetable Inks
Soy ink, made from soybeans, is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum or oil based inks.
Soy ink can produce more vibrant and accurate colours.
Used with recycled paper or board, Soy inks will help to validate your ethical footprint, showing you care about the environment.

Sustainability Keynotes